Our School Curriculum


The aim of our curriculum is to provide inspiring and enhancing learning opportunities that include all pupils and provides equal access for personal development and achievement enabling all pupils at our school to explore their potential and achieve their highest standards. Our curriculum also fulfils its statutory requisite whilst remaining flexible and adaptable to the requirements of our school’s learning environment. Our policies ensure the coverage required by the National Curriculum and these are further supported though schemes of work for every subject in every school year.
The Governing body supports and endorses the curriculum at our school. Policies for each subject are available to parents on request.  If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please come in and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.


Reading and Phonics

At Chattenden School, we have a rich literary spine that is made up of a variety of reading schemes. Each book is colour banded. The colour band indicates the graded reading level. This helps our children to select the right books for their reading ability. It also helps staff to audit books and distribute various levels across the school.

Reading schemes, guided reading texts, picture books, non-fiction and general fiction can all be banded. This means that books suitable for very early readers can be graded as can texts for fluent readers, ensuring that children experience success as they progress from one level to the next. Chattenden uses a combination of the following reading schemes: Dandelion Launchers, Jelly and Bean, Tree Tops and Oxford Reading Tree which include a wealth of text types such as stories, play scripts, poetry and non-fiction.

Phonics is taught daily and follows the government scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’. During phonic sessions, children are taught to recognise phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (written sounds), to segment a word (sound out each individual phoneme) and blend (put phonemes back together) to read words. Within a session, children revisit, review, practice and then apply their phonic skills. Much of this learning is taught in a Read Write Inc style where the delivery of teaching is fast paced and vocal with high pupil involvement. Phonic games include Phonic Bingo, Hangman, Pass the basket and Guess my phoneme.

Letters and Sounds is supplemented by a range of teacher-made resources and flash cards purchased from educational suppliers. Staff also have access to ‘Phonics Play’ to support them in delivering daily phonics sessions.

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