The intentional deception to trick people out of money, personal details or possessions. Fraud can be carried out by strangers trying to deceive people using the Internet, or it can be employees stealing money from an employer using the company computer system.

 The Danger


The deceptions used in fraud have greatly improved over the years. One of the most common frauds is an email claiming a problem with your bank account or another online account and you need to login and confirm your details by clicking on a link in the email. The link takes you to a website that looks exactly the same as the genuine website, but in reality is a fake that records your login details. The fraudsters then use this to access your real account and steal money or buy goods. Other websites are setup offering goods for sell that after you pay never actually send you the goods. Another common fraud is an email claiming to have money trapped in a foreign bank and need your help to get the money released. 

Children have become more likely victims of fraud since the invention of the Internet and online gaming.

They are more likely to fall victim to scam websites that trick children into revealing their login details for either Social Networking accounts, instant messaging services or gaming websites for which they have accounts for. The fraudsters sometimes sell these details to people who wish to use them to play games online, but most often they use them to play online games that they have become addicted to but are unable to afford to play anymore.

 Signs To Look Out For

Always take a careful look at the address of strange e-mails sent to you that contains a link that it asks you to click on. You can often check the website a link is using by simply hovering the mouse cursor over the link without clicking.

Your bank, or online companies such as EBay or Amazon would not send you an e-mail asking you to login if there is a problem with your account.

Microsoft does not phone people to tell them there is a problem with their computer. No company can access your computer without your permission first unless they have illegally installed software onto your computer. Make sure your anti-virus program is updated and working.

If you suddenly find your username and password no longer work for online gaming or websites contact the company and inform them about what has happened. Check any bank account linked to that website.

Use strong passwords. These are passwords made with a combination of capital letters, numbers and symbols, for example: Sun4ay!

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