The process of accessing someone’s computer remotely without their permission or using someone’s username and password to access programs and online content without their consent.

 The Danger

The Internet has not only provided us with a new way of sharing information, shopping and communicating, it has also provided criminals with new ways of committing crimes.

By hacking your online accounts for banking, shopping or even social networking accounts they can transfer or use your money to buy items of services.

They could hack your computer directly. Using small bits of software called Trojans and Key loggers secretly loaded onto your computer they can see which websites you visit and your usernames and passwords for those sites.


Hacking with children can sometimes be more about accessing another child’s account for either mischievous or malicious reasons.

Children tend to be less cautious with their usernames and passwords as often adults have not explained the importance of keeping them safe. They do not watch who is looking and young children may say them out loud when they are typing in their details. Many children also tell friends their details as a sign of trust, without thinking of the consequences.

Children logging into another child’s account can send nasty messages to the child’s friends, post nasty images or spend resources earned by the child on some websites. This of course can cause arguments and problems at school and among friends they play with.

 Signs To Look Out For

Watch for unexpected invoices for goods and services in your name.

Check your sent box for any strange e-mails that you do not remember sending.

Look out for friends saying about strange e-mails or posts on social networking sites they say you have made.

Always make sure you have antivirus and that it is updated on a regular basis. There are also free spyware programs you can run to help check for malicious software that has been installed on your computer.

Use strong passwords. These are passwords made with a combination of capital letters, numbers and symbols, for example: Sun4ay!

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