Year 4

Home Learning Day 2 - Tuesday 24th March

Dear Year 4,

I hope that you are enjoying learning your poem for recital. It is a really famous poem and perfect for this time of year. Try to use your voice cleverly to express the meaning in each line.

Today you ideally need to find a real daffodil and do a detailed sketch. (Otherwise, use photographs online) Sketch the flower from many different angles, do a zoomed in sketch of just a section of the plant... Be creative. Cover an A4 sheet with your sketches of the daffodil, paint, colour and shade it so that it looks as real as possible. If you google 'Botanical sketches' you will see some wonderful examples. Enjoy it!


Once you have completed your sketches you will have plenty of ideas for your description of the daffodil. Start with your own ideas and then fill up the page with vocabulary and descriptive phrases using a thesaurus to help you. Once you have filled the page, can you use colouring pencils to group similar ideas together/organise your ideas. For instance, all the words or phrases about the stem could be underlined or circled in green.... All the words or phrases about the petals could be circled in yellow...



1. Times Table Rock Star Scores for today

2. Daily Ten

3. Find a measuring jug in your kitchen. Look closely at its scale and work out what each of the intervals is worth. How much liquid would half fill it? How much liquid would quarter fill it? Three quarters? A third? Two thirds?

4. Fill 5 different mugs. Pour one mug's contents into your measuring jug. Record the capacity of each mug.

5. Complete Day 2's 'Measuring Volume' sheet


Check list
Remember to check that you have completed the ten tasks on your 'Keeping Busy Daily Checklist'

Whether you are at home or at school, we are all doing the same work. Some of you may be able to photograph your daffodil art and send it to a friend in our class?

Take care and remember to help out at home by being positive and working hard.

Miss Grenfell