Year R

Pegasus class will be given daily challenges through the Tapestry programme. If you log in to Tapestry as you normally would to see your child’s observation, you will find a daily challenge as well as a regular update on the class caterpillars. The daily challenge may range from writing phonetically to creating artwork. There will also be different activities that you may choose to complete with your child. You can share your child’s learning with us if you would like to.

Children may decide that they want to play during the day and in EYFS, much of the children’s learning is through free play. Through play, children develop their language skills, their emotions and creativity, social and intellectual skills. Play can take place indoors and outdoors (your back garden is fine). The children can continue their learning at home through their play and discussion with their parents/carers.

Another way to support your children’s learning is through continuing to read as widely and as often as they can. Any activities you can work on with your child that will help build their vocabulary and reading skills would be invaluable such as playing i-spy, discussing how a character feels, etc.

The EYFS team will endeavour to support you as much as possible and we will be answering any queries that are posed to us.

Home Learning at Chattenden Primary School