The Arts


At Chattenden Primary School we firmly believe that everyone is capable of participating successfully in the arts.  The term ‘the Arts’ includes; music (instrumental and vocal), dance, drama, creative writing, painting and sculpture, photography and motion pictures.  Our school has a lively stimulating environment that encourages and supports creativity and develops a sense of pride in the school.

Children at Chattenden Primary School are proud of the work they produce and these achievements are celebrated in a variety of different ways such as around the school, in school exhibits/concerts and on our Instagram page.

The arts within the school plays a key role in ensuring that each child develops into a well-formed, responsible, self-reliant and confident person capable of expressing themselves and ready to play a full role in all aspects of society.



                                       Music                 Dance                             Drama                   Art

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the Summer Showcase 2021 concert! Please watch the video to see our wonderful children perform on musical instruments, sing and dance! You can see a real progression of skill and knowledge across the school. Enjoy!