Parent-Teacher Association

This is the place where you will find details of upcoming events and fundraising efforts to date. We’ll also keep you informed of PTA meetings and ways you can become involved with the PTA here at Chattenden!

 Our Parent Teacher Association

The school PTA collaborate and work alongside the Principal and staff of Chattenden Primary School making a positive contribution to our school, to help raise money to enhance our children’s learning opportunities.  Volunteers, who are part of our school community, dedicate much of their spare time endeavouring to find innovative ways of fund raising.  Organising and helping out at school events, liaising with outside providers and distributing event fliers are a few of the PTA’s really important roles.  In the past and still continuing, this dedication has led to the supply of free coaches for swimming for all classes; provided outdoor games; free coach supply for the residential journey and more recently a wonderful pagoda for the children to sit and play beneath at break and lunch times. This year is no exception, the PTA  are busy organising various fund raising events that are going to be held to raise money for the school Lion King trip.  The whole school will be participating and it is a great learning opportunity for all the children!