Chattenden Primary School

Pupil Wellbeing

Supporting mental Health and Wellbeing at Chattenden Primary

Our vision is to build a School community where children, parents and staff feel safe, secure and welcome, and to provide opportunities for everyone to develop their confidence and self esteem, communication skills, understanding and empathy for others in an ethos of compassion and caring.

Anyone at any time may experience life challenges that require additional support, and we believe that we all have a role to play in looking after our own, and others mental health and wellbeing

We are fortunate to have two mental health first aiders here at Chattenden Primary School 

Mrs Carpenter & Mrs Davies

If you feel that you, your child or someone in your family is struggling in any way, please contact Mrs Carpenter

Email:      Mobile:    07759960811

The council provides a range of activities and services that support positive mental health. Take a look at

How we support Mental Health and Wellbeing

School Council allows the pupils in school to have a voice

Gardening club is excellent for physical activity and supporting friendships as well as encouraging sharing and helping each other

PE, dance and the creative curriculum

1:1 support for pastoral care

Small group work

Social and emotional work programmes

Circle time

Worry boxes

Practicing mindfulness

Wellbeing calls to families and pupils not in school

Information via newsletters, website and jotter

Celebrating individual and school successes

Praise postcards

Shout outs for pupils and staff via Instagram

Certificates and recognition for non academic achievements

SEN/pastoral support team   resources to boost wellbeing  thousands of worksheets and activities   wellbeing activity ideas for schools