Chattenden Primary School



 Sensory Circuits


Sensory integration is the process by which the brain organises and filters all the information received from the senses. Sensation supports the developing brain to make sense of the world. Children with sensory processing difficulties may find simple tasks harder and Sensory Circuits support this development. During sessions children will undertake activities designed specifically for their needs to help develop their sensory integration



Precision Teaching


Precision teaching works well for specific topics within maths and English, for example, learning times tables or phonics words.

Pupils may come out of class for PT sessions to support specific needs in these areas. PT follows a very formulaic process designed to reduce cognitive load and allow the pupils to learn specific information in chunks


Hopscotch (Known as Core Standards)


If you have concerns about your child and want to investigate a diagnosis of Special Educational Needs (SEN), please speak to Miss Davies and your child’s class teacher. When any referral is made to Snapdragons, the team will ask that the school has carried out a 6-week programme of Core Standards. Miss Davies and Mrs Carpenter are trained to deliver the programme which covers behaviour, speech and language and sensory issues. Once this has been completed and evidence sent to the Snapdragons team, referrals will be triaged.


 Beat Dyslexia


Beat Dyslexia is a formulaic programme designed to support children with or showing tendencies of dyslexia. Children will work through the programme with the support of an adult and this can be done individually in small groups. This runs alongside other interventions such as Nessy.




Nessy is an app that we are licensed to use in school. It is a programme that can be used on the class IPads for children with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies. Children work through different levels to develop phonological awareness, different reading and spelling strategies and practice activities in a fun and engaging way.