Chattenden Primary School

Safety In Action 2022

 Year 6 have taken part in the ‘Safety in Action’ programme this year.  The programme, which is set up by the Medway Task Force, covered vital safety aspects.  Each week, the children took part in an online session which focused on a different area of safety.  The first session covered ‘Fire Safety’ and the children had to create a fire safety pledge whilst also sketching an escape plan. 

Emma’s 5 pledges were:

  1. I will not leave any source of liquid near electronics.
  2. I will test my smoke alarm once a week.
  3. I will not charge my devices overnight.
  4. I will watch my food when it is cooking.
  5. I won’t leave any console on when leaving my room.

Road Safety highlighted the many things that could be distractions when crossing the road.  As a class we made a list of distractions and then thought of ways to find a solution to each distraction.  Throughout the course we also learnt about ‘Water Safety’ and ‘Personal Safety’.


It was lots of fun and very informative.  We will continue our focus on safety by attending the Kent Police Day in July.