Chattenden Primary School


At Chattenden, we believe that physical education should develop: the mind (mental health, decision-making and tactics); body (physical development and healthy bodies); and spirit (sporting values) of each child.

PE at our school promotes the emotional well-being of children and allows children to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Our school will create a supportive environment through PE, by delivering a rich, broad, deep and exciting curriculum. Children will be taught and encouraged to use knowledge of technical and tactical skills to make decisions within game scenarios, routines in dance and gymnastics and during swimming lessons. Children will be provided with opportunities to become physically confident, in ways which support their health and fitness and promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. We will provide children with opportunities to push their physical limits and compete against their peers. From EYFS to Year 6 children should learn about how physical activity and healthy eating can positively impact their life. A