Chattenden Primary School

School Meals

The latest school dinner menu from Chartwells.

Children in Years R, 1 and 2 are eligible for 'Universal Free School Dinners'.

Dinners are priced at £2.20 a day.

A choice of freshly cooked, hot mid-day meals complete with a  drink is provided through Chartwells catering. Chartwells are eager to promote school dinners and do so through a variety of special event meals. These prove to be very successful.
Payment for the meals must be made in advance every Monday and placed in a sealed and named envelope and given to your child to hand in. It is the company’s policy to instruct their Kitchen Manager not to serve dinners that have not been paid for.

There is an entitlement for families receiving Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (income based), Child Tax Credit (not entitled to Working Tax Credit) or whose annual income does not exceed £16,190 to receive support with school meals. An application form is available from the School secretary for no charge meals. This can be a substantial saving for families and is also of benefit to our school if an entitlement is claimed.

Alternatively, pupils may bring a packed lunch but a drink and cutlery (if needed) must also be included in this.