Chattenden Primary School

                                                       Kent Police - Mini Cadets


 Chattenden pupils from across Y4, 5 and 6 were invited to take part in a Kent Police pilot programme, to be the first School in Medway to run the Mini Police Cadets.

Pupils who took part and were given a uniform, police notebook and lanyard with ‘credentials’. The programme took place over nine weeks and consisted of sessions where the pupils learned about community policing, the function of the police, how police cadets are trained and how they could contribute positively to their community.


 The children took part in different activities, learned how to stand on parade, discussed the importance of making correct notes and talked about the crimes                   and anti social behaviours that they were aware of in their local community. They came up with ideas on how they could encourage other pupils to treat the                       community with respect, and we talked about the links to our School Core Values.


One session was about planning a Community based project and the Cadets chose to do this on bullying. They discussed and planned and assembly that would be presented to the whole school around the theme of bullying and antisocial behaviour, focusing on social media.


“I have really enjoyed the Police Cadets and learning

how I can help my community to be better”


“Police Cadets was really fun and we learned a lot

about bullying and the law”