Chattenden Primary School

Pupil Leadership

We have a range of pupil leaders here at Chattenden including; Science Ambassadors, Art Ambassadors, Librarians, Sports Leaders and Year 6 prefects. 

We look at ways to promote the school Core Values, through competitions, activities and discussion. This helps to embed the values within the school. We also think about someone or something that has inspired us to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be.

‘Chattenden Voice’ School Council

Our School Councillors are:

School Council

The School Council meet several times throughout each term to discuss ideas and suggestions that come from their classmates, and to think about issues that are important to the pupils in our school. This includes learning, the school environment, events and fund raising activities. We are always looking at ways to improve what we do at Chattenden.

At Chattenden School we encourage all pupils to think about the school environment, the community they live in and the wider world. Being a part of the School Council encompasses the British Value of democracy and allows the children to feel empowered about their school.