Chattenden Primary School

Year Group Curriculum Overviews

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Principles Of Assessment

The principles that underpin assessment at Chattenden Primary School are:

Children have an entitlement to an assessment process which:

Accurately identifies and tracks their progress

  • Highlights strengths and difficulties, together with strategies to manage them
  • Raises the expectation of success and celebrates a broad range of achievements
  • Provides reliable and credible information to support progression in learning
  • Is motivating and actively involves them in review and target setting.

In our school, teachers have an entitlement to assessment and recording procedures which:

  • Are based on clear and shared criteria
  • Are manageable, sustainable, consistent and useful
  • Meet statutory requirements
  • Support quality teaching and learning
  • Yield reliable and valid assessment

From our school, parents have an entitlement to assessment and reporting practices which:

  • Highlights their child’s success and progress
  • Identifies weaknesses and explains how they will be addressed
  • Provides them with opportunities to review and discuss their child’s achievements
  • Involves them in helping to meet learning targets
  • Ensures information about their child is detailed, specific and easy to understand

At Chattenden Primary School, we see assessment as an integral part of teaching and learning, and it is inextricably linked to our curriculum. We use three broad overarching forms of assessment: day-to-day in-school formative assessment, in-school summative assessment and nationally standardised summative assessment.