Chattenden Primary School


Welcome to EYFS! Our children start their school life in Reception (Kingfisher Class). The children learn in a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment. We build positive relationships with them which allows us to plan to their individual needs and interests. We spend lots of time learning through first hand, real life, play experiences. We love to climb, role- play, create and cook. We aim to take children out in both the school and local environment as much as possible so children can learn from their experiences of the real world.

Through a balance of child led play and adult directed activity the children develop across the areas of learning.

Prime areas of learning:

Communication and Language (Listening, attention and understanding; and Speaking)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Self-regulation, Managing Self and Building Relationships)

Physical Development (Gross motor skills and fine motor skills)

Specific areas of learning:

Literacy (Comprehension, Word reading and Writing)

Maths (Number and Numerical patterns)

Understanding of the World (Past and present; People, culture and communities; and The natural world)

Expressive Arts and Design (Creating with materials and Being imaginative and expressive)