Chattenden Primary School



In line with the current guidance and upon instruction from the Department for Education, School attendance is mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age and it is a priority for us to ensure that all children regularly attend school.

Attendance and punctuality continue to be a key priority at Chattenden Primary School. Consistency in attendance is essential if children are to make progress and take an active part in school life.  In the case of pupil absence, parents should always inform the school on the first day of absence by telephoning or in person, so that we can record the reason for the absence.

This is particularly important if an infectious illness is involved to allow the school to respond in line with Public Health England guidance.

Medical evidence is requested by the school for any absences to be authorised and can be a copy of a prescription, an appointment card or the medication itself.


As with attendance, it is very important that children arrive to school on time each day, every minute missed adds up to a vast amount of learning time lost over the school year.  Children who arrive late regularly miss starting the day with their peers and the beginning of lessons. This can also be disrupting for the rest of the class and teacher.

School starts at 8.45 am every day. Your child will be classified as being late if they are not on the school premises by 8.55 am.  

As with irregular attendance, if your child is continuously late for school we will invite parents/guardians in to meet with members of the Leadership Team.


Please report your child's absence by telephoning the school office before 8.45am.

01634 250861


Our Attendance policy can be found here